Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Jonathan Deutsch joins Jason Hartman to talk about his company, Tumult, and product called Hype.  And, explains how it can benefit people in graphic design.


Key Takeaways 

02:40 – HTML5 is use to render websites and also the language of the web. Tumult uses HTML5 into their tools.

03:56 – Hype is good for making interactive and animated websites and it's similar to PowerPoint and Keynote.

05:09 – Example for using Hype.

06:40 – La Presse has done some pretty interesting things with Hype.

09:10 – You can also use Hype for making out any type of card for people.

10:10 – Hype is desktop application for Mac and it using key frames to animate.

11:24 – You don't have to be very technical to use Hype. 

11:58 – Go to Tumult to buy and HyperEdit is also a product that people can buy.


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La Presse

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Today’s Speaking of Wealth Show sees Jason Hartman talk to the Executive VP of PressReader, Alex Gruntsev. In a world where print media is rising and falling, and technology is constantly bettering itself, PressReader is the service that answers all of your wishes. Alex discusses what his company can offer to consumers world-wide, and also gives his opinion on the future of publishing and marketing industries. 


Key Takeaways

01.26 – Alex Gruntsev talks about the idea behind PressReader, a unique reading experience. 

02.53 – The days of managing individual newspaper and magazine subscriptions are coming to an end.

07.27 – English language publications make up just a fraction of PressReader’s available stock, so take the chance to brush up on a foreign language too!

08.03 – The publishing industry is in a massive state of change, and now you no longer have to settle on just one publication. Feel free to pick and choose as much as you want.

11.17 – With music and film industries going digital, maybe it’s time print followed suit?

15.08 – Innovations in one area open up so many other opportunities for innovation in related markets and industries.

19.45 – To find out more and sign up, head to www.PressReader.com 

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Speaking of Wealth, today, focuses on the value and variation of incubator services. Jason Hartman speaks to Sramana Mitra, the Founder of One Million by One Million, who talks about what it means to be a part of a global virtual incubator and just what membership can offer you and your company to promote and stimulate growth in such an unstable world. 


Key Takeaways

01.50 – Sramana Mitra explains what sets One Million by One Million apart from other incubator services.

06.00 – Don’t be one of the 600,000 entrepreneurial businesses that falls apart every year. 

06.48 – Take advantage of the chance to get involved with weekly online entrepreneurial seminars.

08.55 – Even if you don’t fit into the 1% of being fundable, all is not lost.

11.30 – In a world where networking and knowing the right people is so vital, getting involved in a large, evolving community can only be a good thing.

13.33 – Every year it seems that more businesses are being created to help ease the logistics of starting your own business. 

16.28 – For more information about One Million by One Million and to access all of their free services, head to www.1Mby1M.com 

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In a world where everyone is trying to increase and improve their online presence, some insider know-how and a platform that does the hard work for you seems pretty appealing. Today’s Speaking of Wealth Show sees Jason Hartman speak to Demian Farnworth, Chief Writer of Copyblogger Media about web hosting, creating the best podcast possible and securing a keen, passionate audience. 


Key Takeaways

02.11 – In such a full stage, how do you make sure people hear you?

05.06 – The answers you’ll get are only as good as the questions you can ask.

10.00 – Challenge what people think and everyone will come away with a wider, fuller knowledge. 

11.30 – Rainmaker is a platform designed for those who want to expand their media presence – hassle-free.

18.49 – Getting a strong following takes time. Stick at it and figure out what works for you.

22.40 – Find a way to monetize any fame you’ve got and it’ll be worth the effort.

24.58 – Infographics – only worth doing when you’ve got money to invest in the right designer.

31.36 – Make your asset pillars work by showing how versatile they can be through different media.

33.35 – For more information, head to www.Copyblogger.com, or Demian’s personal website, www.TheCopyBot.com 


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Today’s guest is Jane Sotkin of Property Place, who provides her wisdom and insight into the tricky topic of emotions. She brings up the interesting idea that emotions are habits formed in childhood, but which if not kept in check, can seriously affect the way your brain works as an adult. 


Key Takeaways

02.52 – Joan Sotkin describes how her background led her to her current field of work.

05.50 – Such fundamental things as birth-order and number of siblings can have a huge impact on your psychology as an adult.

10.30 – It doesn’t matter how you process these emotions, but it is vital that you find a way that works for you.

17.10 – We think our lives are set in stone but they’re not. They’re always flexible and changeable. 

22.30 – A big part of success is about sticking to what you believe and paying little attention to how others judge you.

27.26 – Find out more about Joan Sotkin and get access to some great resources at www.ProsperityPlace.com


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Build Your Money Muscles by Joan Sotkin


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