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Jason Hartman invite Michael Martin on the Speaking of Wealth show to talk about Audvisor and what it is about. Michael Martin and his partner Rajesh Setty have developed a cool new app that helps people learn tidbits of advise within 3 minutes. Michael Martin does a deep dive into his app and also shares some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses. 


Key Takeaways:

2:20 – Our attention spans have dropped dramatically over the years and people don't have time to learn the skills they need in this rapidly moving economy. 

6:50 – Michael explains why recommendation engines are tricky. 

9:35 – Where did the Audvisor idea come from? 

11:20 – Michael shares some advise to the listeners about how you can be more successful entrepreneurs. 

12:50 – Michael talks about how he was able to get investors to support his app. 

14:10 – What's Michael's thoughts on Silicon Valley?

17:50 – Please check out Audvisor and feel free to write reviews and share your thoughts on the app. 


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Jason Hartman invites Jessica Rhodes on to the show to talk about how to book better guests and how to be a better guest as well. Jessica is the founder of Interview Connections and has booked some big names in the industry. She talks about how persistence and follow up are key to booking bigger names, how to properly pitch yourself to a podcaster, her latest project with Corey Coates titled The Podcast Producers, and much, much more on today's show. 


Key Takeaways:

1:20 – Jessica has added a lot of value to Jason's show with the types of guest she's brought on. 

5:30 – There are quite a few podcasters who want fresh people on their show who haven't done the podcasting circuit yet. 

14:50 – At the end of the day, you want to be both a podcast host and also a guest. 

22:20 – Be specific as possible on what you can bring to the table when you're pitching to a host. 

27:10 – There are so many different types of entrepreneurs that you can cater to, so don't worry about excluding people. 

28:40 – Jessica is doing a 10 episode series with Corey Coates from Podfly Productions about podcasting. It launches on April 6th.

29:30 – Final thoughts? Do not be afraid to start. There's never a perfect time, so just do it now. 


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Josh Turner is invited on the Speaking of Wealth show to talk to Jason's listeners about the power of LinkedIn and how they can utilize it. He provides some very helpful tips on how you can been seen as a peer instead of a salesmen to your target prospects, why you should create your own LinkedIn group, and a lot more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

1:00 – Josh focuses on LinkedIn B2B lead generation as well as webinars. 

5:00 – Josh talks about the benefits of a premium LinkedIn membership. 

8:30 – You have to be willing to put in the time to generate good leads. 

14:30 – People want to relate to the person, not the business. 

20:20 – Try to focus on specific niches as much as possible for greater webinar success. 

21:50 – Josh recommends webinar platforms people can use. 


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Jason Hartman invites Mark Asquith on to the Speaking of Wealth show to talk about an up and coming product Mark is developing specifically for podcasters. The website is called Podcast Website and it goes into closed beta testing in February. It will soon be opened to the public for feedback and people who have already registration for the early bird preview will get a sneak peak into the service. Mark does a deep dive about Podcast Websites and how it can solve the many problems podcasters seem to have. 


Key Takeaways:

1:00 – Mark is partnering with John Lee Dumas to create Podcast Websites. 

2:35 – Mark explains how he came up with Podcast Websites. 

5:10 – You can manage your entire podcast right from your Wordpress interface. 

8:30 – The plan is to make Podcast Websites completely flexible to your needs. 

12:30 – Mark shares some cool features his team is currently working towards. 

15:30 – Mark talks about his own podcast, Excellence Expected. 

17:40 – Podcast Websites does plan to solve a lot of work flow issues podcasters face on a regular basis. 


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