Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Jonathan Deutsch joins Jason Hartman to talk about his company, Tumult, and product called Hype.  And, explains how it can benefit people in graphic design.


Key Takeaways 

02:40 – HTML5 is use to render websites and also the language of the web. Tumult uses HTML5 into their tools.

03:56 – Hype is good for making interactive and animated websites and it's similar to PowerPoint and Keynote.

05:09 – Example for using Hype.

06:40 – La Presse has done some pretty interesting things with Hype.

09:10 – You can also use Hype for making out any type of card for people.

10:10 – Hype is desktop application for Mac and it using key frames to animate.

11:24 – You don't have to be very technical to use Hype. 

11:58 – Go to Tumult to buy and HyperEdit is also a product that people can buy.


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