Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Zach Swinehart founder of Online in a day joins Jason Hartman on the Speaking of Wealth. Zach talks about how Online in a day came about, the process of what it does for their clients, what kind of themes Zack uses for sites, and his advice on how to understand better and more about user experience on people's websites on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways: 

1:29 – Zach talks about how Online in a day happened.

3:54 – Zach explains what the typical work schedule for the day looks like. 

7:37 – Zach explains the development process of the designs that he does and what a child theme is.

9:03 – Zach talks about which web themes he would use depending on what type of site it is.

11:09 – Zach explains more about what he exactly does for clients.

12:18 – Zach shares some of his best tips on user experience.

16:09 – Zach advice is to learn how people use your site and also testing it.

18:35 – Zack gives a tip about properly analyzing your user visits. 

21:28 – The pricing of Zach's services depends on which package you want. 


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