Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman invite Michael Martin on the Speaking of Wealth show to talk about Audvisor and what it is about. Michael Martin and his partner Rajesh Setty have developed a cool new app that helps people learn tidbits of advise within 3 minutes. Michael Martin does a deep dive into his app and also shares some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses. 


Key Takeaways:

2:20 – Our attention spans have dropped dramatically over the years and people don't have time to learn the skills they need in this rapidly moving economy. 

6:50 – Michael explains why recommendation engines are tricky. 

9:35 – Where did the Audvisor idea come from? 

11:20 – Michael shares some advise to the listeners about how you can be more successful entrepreneurs. 

12:50 – Michael talks about how he was able to get investors to support his app. 

14:10 – What's Michael's thoughts on Silicon Valley?

17:50 – Please check out Audvisor and feel free to write reviews and share your thoughts on the app. 


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