Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Josh Turner is invited on the Speaking of Wealth show to talk to Jason's listeners about the power of LinkedIn and how they can utilize it. He provides some very helpful tips on how you can been seen as a peer instead of a salesmen to your target prospects, why you should create your own LinkedIn group, and a lot more on today's episode. 


Key Takeaways:

1:00 – Josh focuses on LinkedIn B2B lead generation as well as webinars. 

5:00 – Josh talks about the benefits of a premium LinkedIn membership. 

8:30 – You have to be willing to put in the time to generate good leads. 

14:30 – People want to relate to the person, not the business. 

20:20 – Try to focus on specific niches as much as possible for greater webinar success. 

21:50 – Josh recommends webinar platforms people can use. 


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