Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Today’s Speaking of Wealth Show sees Jason Hartman talk to the Executive VP of PressReader, Alex Gruntsev. In a world where print media is rising and falling, and technology is constantly bettering itself, PressReader is the service that answers all of your wishes. Alex discusses what his company can offer to consumers world-wide, and also gives his opinion on the future of publishing and marketing industries. 


Key Takeaways

01.26 – Alex Gruntsev talks about the idea behind PressReader, a unique reading experience. 

02.53 – The days of managing individual newspaper and magazine subscriptions are coming to an end.

07.27 – English language publications make up just a fraction of PressReader’s available stock, so take the chance to brush up on a foreign language too!

08.03 – The publishing industry is in a massive state of change, and now you no longer have to settle on just one publication. Feel free to pick and choose as much as you want.

11.17 – With music and film industries going digital, maybe it’s time print followed suit?

15.08 – Innovations in one area open up so many other opportunities for innovation in related markets and industries.

19.45 – To find out more and sign up, head to www.PressReader.com 

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