Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

In a world where everyone is trying to increase and improve their online presence, some insider know-how and a platform that does the hard work for you seems pretty appealing. Today’s Speaking of Wealth Show sees Jason Hartman speak to Demian Farnworth, Chief Writer of Copyblogger Media about web hosting, creating the best podcast possible and securing a keen, passionate audience. 


Key Takeaways

02.11 – In such a full stage, how do you make sure people hear you?

05.06 – The answers you’ll get are only as good as the questions you can ask.

10.00 – Challenge what people think and everyone will come away with a wider, fuller knowledge. 

11.30 – Rainmaker is a platform designed for those who want to expand their media presence – hassle-free.

18.49 – Getting a strong following takes time. Stick at it and figure out what works for you.

22.40 – Find a way to monetize any fame you’ve got and it’ll be worth the effort.

24.58 – Infographics – only worth doing when you’ve got money to invest in the right designer.

31.36 – Make your asset pillars work by showing how versatile they can be through different media.

33.35 – For more information, head to www.Copyblogger.com, or Demian’s personal website, www.TheCopyBot.com 


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