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Public Relations is an industry that most people in business are aware of, but often we don’t understand the finer intricacies that go into a successful PR campaign. Merilee Kern, President of Kern Communications, joins Jason Hartman on today’s Speaking of Wealth Show to discuss the ins and outs of her marketing business and to talk about the reality of getting involved in this particular industry.



Key Takeaways


02.00 – Many people in the Public Relations industry view their line of work as a balance between art and science.

04.05 – PR companies have a very set series of processes which they go through with every new client to best achieve the desired final result.

07.00 – Linking the release of a product to current events and news gives a certain credibility and relevance in the eyes of an editor.

09.40 – The risk associated with ‘publicity stunt’ style campaigns can often far outweigh the reward so going down this line must not be a decision taken lightly.

12.35 – Both wire services and mainstream databases are effective methods of contact with journalists, though the wire service gives an unspoken sense of credibility.

13.45 – As well as custom databases and the wire services, there are also wider database management services such as Vocus, BusinessWire and PRNewsWire where you can buy access to these lists.

16.00 – When hiring a publicist, be sure to be diligent. You need to know what you’re getting and who their links are with.

18.15 – For more information on Merilee Kern’s own public relations network, head to www.kerncommunications.com

19.00 – www.helpareporter.com and ProfNet are two similar resources which every publicist in the country should be registered with.

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