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LaunchMoxie founder Chris van Buren is on today’s Speaking of Wealth Show to talk about what’s really going on in the worlds of joint ventures and affiliate marketing. He mentions some of the key points about why the marketplace as a whole is changing and developing, as well as giving advice on how to really make the most of your own marketing strategies, both for yourself and for your business partners.



Key Takeaways


02.20 – In general terms, affiliate marketing works as a one-way transaction, while joint venture marketing is a two-directional affiliate model.

04.00 – The way that the Internet now works with so many followers and such a wide audience means that everybody is publishing something.

05.20 – The problem with the affiliate model is that companies want to make money selling their product, not selling yours.

06.50 - Affiliate models are dying out because they realize they can put themselves in a much better situation by creating their own products.

08.20 – In terms of digital media, platforms such as www.udemy.com and even Google Hangouts are paving the way. www.balboapress.com and www.bookbaby.com are some of the leading platforms for eBook publishing and all Mac users have access to high quality audio editing with Garage Band.

10.50 – Slightly more outdated, yet still used programs are public affiliate networks such as www.shareasale.com, www.clickbank.com and www.uk.cj.com.

13.06 – The two main obstacles people come up against in joint venture affiliation are: incompatibility in the size of the partners and incompatibility in the content of the partners. When making these connections on your own, be sure to look out for these incompatibilities because they will hinder your success.

18.00 – The way you approach a potential partner can make all the difference in your success at affiliation.

20.00 – More information about Chris van Buren and his projects can be found at www.LaunchMoxie.com.

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